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Our free courses are designed to help you to better manage your personal finances. Available 24/7 with no registration needed, we cover subjects like money management, budgeting, eliminating debt, and understanding your credit reports.

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We continually post articles and advice that draw on our 38 years of experience working with consumers to eliminate debt, build savings, and maintain a positive credit rating.

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We offer free live seminars in Southern California; check out our calendar of events to find a seminar or workshop near you. And remember our online courses are free and available everywhere.

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Free guides and workbooks are available for download. Read the seminar materials for all of our courses, check out our budget tracking spreadsheets, or download back issues of our newsletter.

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We’ve collected the best financial education videos the web has to offer to help you better understand homeownership, money management, credit, and more.

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Talk to a credit counselor for free, and get advice that is tailored to your specific financial situation. Let us help you create a plan to handle your monthly expenses.