Rent-To-Own Counseling

Rent to Own Counseling


A Contract for Deed may be an option for buyers who do not have access to other types of financing; this option provides individuals and families the opportunity to become a homeowner while other options may not be available to them.  Contracts for Deed make up a distinctive segment of the nation’s housing market, a segment that continues to grow, allowing consumers an alternative to achieve homeownership. The process usually is faster and often less costly than a traditional mortgage. As America discovers this new opportunity of homeownership, obtaining proactive knowledge such as understanding the terms of a contract agreement, how to calculate monthly payments and use of budgeting tools to associate with the upkeep and maintenance of the property makes the overall experience a positive one. 


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A positive impact on a buyer’s lifestyle will be gained as buyers learn to successfully build or rebuild their credit histories and take the important step toward overall financial health.

We provide education and tools to:

  • Understand Buyers Rights and Responsibilities
  • Improve Financial Literacy
  • Improving Overall Credit Health is a nonprofit community service organization working to strengthen communities and improve the lives of consumers. has achieved this mission for more than 38 years, touching more than 2.4 million individuals by offering services to promote financial literacy, stable homeownership and a healthy economy.


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Course Description

Rent to Own Counseling consists of an audio briefing which covers various topics regarding responsibilities relating to Contract for Deed (Rent-to-Own) possibilities.

Upon completion of the audio briefing, in-depth counseling is provided from one of our certified counselors. Our NFCC certified counselors collect and review all pertinent financial information, assess any unique situation, create a personalized budget, provide recommendations and answer any questions that may arise.

Counselors offer resources and advice for saving money, increasing income, and reducing debt to achieve total financial health.


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