Guidelines to Govern Your Buying Habits

  1. Avoid impulse buying. Your budget should guide you in the types and amounts of your purchases. Buy with purpose, not impulse.
  2. Never use credit cards for impulse purchases. Doing so leads to credit card debt. Use cash only.
  3. Comparison shop for items, balancing quality with lower prices.
  4. Keep a running list of items you need, and watch for these items on sale.  Unless there is an immediate need, your patience will pay dividends.
  5. Shop quickly, using a list. Every extra minute in the store costs you money.
  6. A lot of thought and study has gone into the arranging and displaying of store items to encourage you to buy things you don't need or really want.
  7. Plan your clothing needs carefully.  Buy only items you need.
  8. Buy quality rather than quantity.
  9. Select fabrics that can be cleaned at home.
  10. Read the labels and know what they mean.
  11. Watch for seasonal sales on clothes, furniture, appliances, etc.
  12. Don't let others influence your choice of quality, style or size of any product.  Buy what you need, not what will impress.
  13. Shop around.  Never buy any major item without comparing price, quality, size, features, attachments, warranties, etc.
  14. Read the directions and warranties so you will know proper care.  If a warranty is still in effect, do not try to repair an item yourself.
  15. Keep all sales slips and warranties until you are sure the item is what you want and need.
  16. Avoid credit purchases. If you must use credit, be careful.
  17. Buy your Christmas gifts early, often you can find real bargains.
  18. Learn to make simple repairs on furniture and appliances, and simple alterations on clothing.
  19. Use coupons for items that you regularly purchase when they are on sale.